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Enhancement patterns of potassium on nitrogen transport and functional genes in cotton vary with nitrogen levels

作  者:Peng Chen, Linyang Li, Shujie Xia, Runhua Zhang, Runqin Zhang, Xiaomin Zeng, Du Shuai, Yi Liu*, Zhiguo Li*
刊物名称:Plant science


The application of potassium (K) in conjunction with nitrogen (N) has been shown to enhance N use efficiency. However, there is still a need for further understanding of the optimal ratios and molecular regulatory mechanisms, particularly in soil-cotton systems. Here, a field trial was conducted, involving varying rates of N and K, alongside pot and hydroponic experiments. The objective was to assess the impact of N-K interaction on the absorption, transport and distribution of N in cotton. The results showed that K supply at 90 and 240kgha-1 had a beneficial impact on N uptake and distribution to both seed and lint, resulting in the highest N use efficiency ranging from 22% to 62% and yield improvements from 20% to 123%. The increase in stem and root diameters, rather than the quantify of xylem vessels and phloem sieve tubes, facilitated the uptake and transport of N due to the provision of K. At the molecular level, K supply upregulated the expression levels of genes encoding GhNRT2.1 transporter and GhSLAH3 channel in cotton roots to promote N uptake and GhNRT1.5/NPF7.3 genes to transport N to shoot under low-N conditions. However, under high-N conditions, K supply induced anion channel genes (GhSLAH4) of roots to promote N uptake and genes encoding GhNRT1.5/NPF7.3 and GhNRT1.8/NPF7.2 transporters to facilitate NO3- unloading from xylem to mesophyll cell in high-N plants. Furthermore, K supply resulted in the upregulation of gene expression for GhGS2 in leaves, while simultaneously downregulating the expression of GhNADH-GOGAT, GhGDH1 and GhGDH3 genes in high-N roots. The enzyme activities of nitrite reductase and glutamine synthetase increased and glutamate dehydrogenase decreased, but the concentration of NO3- and soluble protein exhibited a significant increase and free amino acid decreased in the shoots subsequent to K supply.